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Changing your perspective can change everything.

Do you ever wonder if what's in front of you is all that there is -- at least all that's available for you?

I walk beside you and guide you into uncovering your most authentic, true self.  The person that you were born to be, and how to express YOUR greatness into the world. 

What is possible if you trust, believe, and take action?

Success Stories

Each session was tailored to the specific needs I had at that point in time. In that sense, the sessions went deeper than I expected. Ursa found ways to gently redirect us to the root issues which was much more valuable than simply making progress on one goal in isolation.
I felt safe to try out things, to learn and fail, and to explore different tools to see what worked for me individually.

Inès K.


The biggest impact for me is that I can understand myself better. Having a structure to understand that, I'm very analytical. to truly understand those different aspects of me that make up the whole was really beneficial. It definitely helped me to communicate better with my husband and give him a lot more grace. It really gave me a lot of tools to work with.

Margie T.

Idaho, USA

Nothing short of life-changing. Nothing short of life-changing. This has done for me in my adulthood what rehab did for me when I was hooked on drugs. It completely changed my life - every aspect of it.
The person I was before this coaching was angry and out of control. I didn't care about personal interactions. I have found a different way to live; happy, human and failing forward. Peace has become normal for me. Thank you Ursa, your coaching has made my HAPPY possible.
There is no thank you big enough. I don't know how else to say it. I was open to it and I'm very glad that I did it.

Brian T.

Idaho, USA

Life changing and completely worthwhile.
The mentoring experience provided me with stability, security and consistent and genuine care. I realized that I was deserving of self-care. So many great things! It actually works.
Positive changes include giving myself permission to care for myself and to feel worthy, to know that I can take time out from family and work and other commitments and look after myself. I have learnt to 'let go', to realise that others' emotions and responses are not created by me, that I am not at fault. I have learnt about boundaries and how important they are for healthy relationships. I have learnt to be present and that the present is peaceful. I have learnt to not fear life.

Katherine B.

Gold Coast, Australia

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