Cultivating Calm Course

Course By: Ursa Swensen

Learn simple, practical tools to bring more calm to your every day

Course description

This course is designed to teach you new tools and skills to bring in more calm.  Stress and calm are like a on/off switch -- either one is on or the other. 
Learn practical, doable methods to turn ON the calm so that you are the thermostat in your life, instead of the thermometer!

  • 6 modules

  • Each module is a 15-20 minute audio

  • New modules emailed every 3 days, giving you time to implement the new information

  • Private Facebook group for connecting and additional resources.


    This course is from my own life experience of needing to feel more calm in my everyday life. At one point I had so much tension built up in my neck that I was having severe headaches and had to tell my children that I literally couldn't do anything except lay on the couch! 

    These are all practices and tools that you can use to craft your own toolkit for bringing in more calm and ease into your days.

    I'm excited to share these simple but powerful tools with you as well!


    What customers say

    I liked that the calming techniques were concrete and easy to implement right away.

    I highly recommend this class; incredibly life-changing; incredibly practical; incredibly necessary for any woman. I can do these things!

    When we started, I was feeling that I was in a pretty hopeless state, and I was surprised that when I started to use just some of the tools, they actually helped A LOT. It is working. I am more aware, and isn't that where it starts?

    Amy N.

    The course was calming, peaceful, and safe. It taught me how to slow down, take time for myself, and focus on my body.


    I tend to get overwhelmed by all of the positive things I could be doing. Looking at the most important foundational elements was really helpful. Also thank you for being so open about your own struggles with self care. I feel like, as moms, there is a fear of being judged if we don't have it all figured out all of the time and your honesty was appreciated. The most important point for me, that I am glad you mentioned, is that I have to put time for myself into my schedule.

    Amanda S.

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