Reclaim Your Resilience

Online course, app + group mentoring

Reclaim Your Resilience - 12-week experience

Work on your personalized goal by creating powerful shifts in your thinking patterns and end the self-sabotage.  This operating system is effective for greater happiness, improved relationships, and increased performance.

Positive Intelligence program, with app for daily practice.   Includes personalized stress and conflict management modules.  Includes app access for one year.

12 weekly, live calls with a small, intimate group.  (Weekly call times will be determined once the group has formed.  If the selected times don't suit your schedule, I'll have a weekly 15-minute call with you individually.)

Added elements
- weekly easy, highly effective body-based practices
- weekly guided meditations for a variety of applications

Integration Aspects
- 1:1 coaching call to experience the elements working together.
- 7-step self-coaching model so you can use this for yourself

""I have changed much of my judging thoughts to be more tolerant, open-minded and loving to myself and other people. I have also been more aware of my procrastination and I still have some work to do but I complete more tasks now and it feels so good."


"My relationships with my children are more positive focused on my end and I am able to assertively yet positively set boundaries when needed."

Idaho, USA

 "My job is easier, my personal life is easier. Everything all around is just much better. I think that every single person in the world can benefit from the PQ framework. You really can’t anticipate how awesome the outcome is going to be until you experience it"

Wisconsin, USA

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